• 29 July 2011, Friday

Presentation on the results of the Hyper-Now workshop: urban space and interactive environment

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Институт медиа, архитектуры и дизайна «Стрелка»
3136 days ago
29 July 2011 from 15:00 till 17:00

The participants of the Hyper-Now workshop, which is dedicated to the adaptation of existing urban spaces to citizens’ modern needs and demands, will present their project for Gorki Park’s information center. As the interactive pavilion will actually be built, the students didn’t just work with ideas during the workshop, but they also prepared them for realization, taking into account a budget and a time table. 

The project of the students provides Gorki Park with an information center where people can find out about the park’s history, development, news, and events. The pavilion shouldn’t just be another box, but «living» object that actively interacts with its surroundings and the park’s visitors. The concept of the information center and its services will be assessed by the management of Gorki Park and the teachers of the workshop, among whom architects Eduard Moro and Dan Horner from Techopolitan Studio, social network expert Andrey Podshibyakin, manager of the Social Insight agency and Strelka-graduate Andrey Goncharov, and invited expert and director of the Wowhaus architectural bureau Oleg Shapiro. 

Language: english

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