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Институт медиа, архитектуры и дизайна «Стрелка»
3132 days ago
 11:00 2 August till 18:00 6 August 2011

The disparity between what we consider living and dead has reduced, becoming murky and complicated. Developments in synthetic biology, mutatable materials, non organic chemistry, cryogenic freezing and artificial intelligence mean that inanimate things will most likely become animate in the near future. What does this world feel like? What happens when things have thoughts of their own? Needs of their own? What are the narrative potentials of such a world?

In this workshop we will develop a film synopsis and design a series of animated props based around an apartment complex where everything is alive. The results will be presented in a performance, film and installation

Language: english

Price: 500 roubles

Target audience: designers, architects, media

Requirements: english


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