• 13 June 2011, Monday

Hype Island Lecture: Educational (Teaching) situation – Research, creation, and establishment of new educational experience.

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Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design
4031 день назад
13 June 2011 c 21:00 до 22:30

David Erixon, one of the Hyper Island school founders, will give a talk about the way studies at school are organized, why exactly is it the experience that is so important for education process and about experiments on teaching approach. Hyper Island (http://www.hyperisland.se/) – is a school, which since 1995 trains designers, advertisers, web-project managers and everyone who wants to work with interactive communications. This school is not quite typical: there are no home task and no textbooks, it is open 24 hours a day, and every student can chose any time of day or night to study; workshops can be held by representatives from big corporations, like Pixar or AKQA, as well as by students themselves. Nobody scolds for failures here – mistakes are considered to be a significant part of gaining experience, and experience itself and various experiments are regarded as of paramount importance in the study process. To tell the truth, projects made by students are sometimes even better then works by experienced designers and advertisers. For example, in the beginning of the year project with interactive billboards by Hyper Island students caused a stir. Billboards, equipped with motion sensors, started to show moving picture when someone was passing by. In a word, many people want to study in Hyper Island, and its’ graduates are quite needed – most of the students receive excellent job offers even before graduation.


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