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Институт медиа, архитектуры и дизайна «Стрелка»
3186 days ago
 11:00 9 June till 18:00 11 June 2011

Rice is the basic ingredient in cuisine of many south-asian countries, including Hong Kong. No wonder that within the framework of workshop week, held on Strelka by Hong Kong curators, workshop about food will also take place. Participants will be able to learn how to cook traditional dishes from sushi to rice pies and rice pizza. During the workshop participants will not only work with recipes but also with decoration and design of the dishes. 15 students from Hong Kong who specialize on food design will take part in this project, and we invite 15 Russian participants to join — registration is now open. Workshop will finish with dinner, which is a chance for everyone, not only for workshop participants, to test and taste the result. At the same time two films, brought by curators — Exodus from Hong Kong and The Hole from Taiwan will be shown.


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