• 23 May 2011, Monday

Discussion Round table DutchCreative. Dutch creative enterprises

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Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design
4052 дня назад
23 May 2011 c 19:00 до 22:00

The round table is dedicated to the experience of Dutch creative enterprises and industries. The Netherlands is the country of the most developed applied design in the world; whereas in Russia, design is paid little attention both in industries and in everyday life. At the same time, Russia is seeing boom of creative enterprises and industries: economic growth, foundation of new art-clusters, Internet boom that allows to promote goods more easily, and liberal tax legislation – all these have led to appearance of hundreds of new creative start-ups in fashion, architecture, publishing, youth sports, music, education, design and lifestyle in Russia for the last five years, especially in megalopolises. Some of them fail to survive in harsh economic conditions; others press forward and grow fast. Hundreds of thousands people stand behind these initiatives, and the potential is not yet exhausted.

The task of this round table is an exchange of experiences and initiatives between representatives of Russian creative enterprises and industries that are now going through boom of new start-ups, and Holland, where creative business is one of the appreciated economic motors of the state that made design valuable almost as highly as oil in Russia. At the first part of the round table we are going to learn which place in the everyday life of Holland society design takes, and how designers find their outlets. Besides, Dutch guests are going to tell about several the most attractive creative enterprises, their business models, founders, and history. The second part includes questions and offers from the invited representatives of Russian creative enterprises, as well as ones from the audience consisting of young designers, artists, art dealers, fashion designers and environmentalists. 


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