• 14 August 2011, Sunday

Lecture Daniel Piker about architecture, based on physical laws

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Институт медиа, архитектуры и дизайна «Стрелка»
3120 days ago
14 August 2011 from 17:30 till 19:00

Daniel Piker is a British architect and creator of the innovative Kangaroo plug-in that simulates physical interactions in the Rhino and Grasshopper program. He worked for such companies as Arup, MUF architecture/art and TonkinLiu architects.

At his lecture, Daniel talks about the Kangaroo plug-in, which allows to create self-organizing  structures, and about how laws of physics and interaction can be used to create architectural forms.

Daniel Piker: «The search for form through physical processes is at the same time a new means of inspiration and a way to get a kind of architecture that is relevant by the laws of the surrounding world. A computer imitation of these physical processes makes such a search much more convenient».


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